hai chizuu


Welcome to eito_scan community. Please read this post before you take any of the files in this community.

1. Firstly, I have to say this: ALL OF THESE SCANS ARE NOT MINE, which means I DIDN'T SCAN THEM. All I did was taking (from different sources), re-uploading and then compiling all of them into this community. To be more specific, this place is kind of a gallery for me to store valuable scans that I spent my time and effort searching high and low. And what's more, I don't want to keep them selfishly for myself so this sharing community was born. I make this purely for Kanjani8's fans, those who have difficulty finding all Kanjani8's magazine, calendar, DVD scans, completely have no profitable or selfish intentions.

2. As I said before, I took them from various sources, which means I can't remember who owns these scans. But I will credit properly in every post if my memory is good enough. I haven't asked for the scanner permission to re-upload and share yet so to the owners: if you see your scans and don't want them to be shown here, please kindly tell me and I will delete them immediately.

3. There is a wide variety of scans that you can find here: magazines (Duet, Popolo, Potato, Myojo, Wink Up, TV Guide, TV Pia, etc.), shop photos, DVD, CD booklets, calendars, pamphlets, and so on. There will be proper tags so that you won't be flooded and get lost. Of course there will be some scans that I couldn't find so if you have them and can share them with everyone here, I will appreciate you a lot.

4. Both new and old scans will be updated regularly, but not monthly (because I also have my own work and study to carry on, so please forgive me), and please don't urge. If I can, I will update immediately.

5. It's optional but comments are always loved <3

6. There is ONLY ONE simple rule that I wish you to follow: DO NOT HOTLINK. Because in order to make it more convenient for everyone here, I upload those scans on Google Drive and Filecloud. You can re-upload if you want but PLEASE, don't share my links outside this community. Mirrors from other sharing sites are all welcomed <3

7. One more thing to remember: Because MF is so strict in sharing .rar file so I don't put the file extension when uploading. When you download the files, please add .rar as an extension and extract them. Edit: For GD and Filecloud links, you only extract the files. No changes in the extension at all.

All the posts are locked and membership is moderated. All you have to do is just simply click the "Join" button and wait for the approval. I did this because I want to know who has entered my community. Enjoy your stay here ^^